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You strive to build a healthy campus community and promote the development of mind and body by providing intramural sports, fitness centers, wellness programs, outdoor recreation, aquatics, workout facilities and more. But managing all of that as well as promoting campus recreation takes a ton of time and effort. And it’s easy to get caught up in the day-to-day logistics.

With engagement tools from ACTIVE Net, ACTIVE Network’s fully-hosted campus rec software, you can build a community that continually participates. Managing registration, reservations, memberships, intramural scheduling, school facility management, and more all happens in one database.

Increase Participation

To make a bigger impact for your fitness center at your college or university, you first need to reach more students through marketing. With these tools, you’ll have an easier time filling programs and facilities. Students connect through mobile, social and email. With ACTIVE Net, communicating through those channels is easier and more effective.

  • Mobile Access to Programs – Allow your participants to view, register and pay for classes and programs on their mobile devices.
  • Social Marketing Tools – A campus is a tight-knit community, even on Facebook. When a student registers for a class, they can easily share the activity with his or her friends.
  • Email Marketing & List Building – Send highly targeted emails by building lists from registration history, age, interest, and more.
  • Brochure Export & Creation – Easily export your program and facility information to quickly build a seasonal or semester recreation brochure.
  • Free ACTIVEkids Promotion – Your entire program inventory will post for free on ACTIVEkids, our online marketplace for kid-focused activities, searchable by ACTIVE’s audience of millions.

Manage Recreation Operations Efficiently

Run all aspects of your department through one, web-based software system, save crucial hours for your staff, and enhance the online experience for students.

  • Activity Registration – Offer online registration and manage program registration through one, intuitive system.
  • School Facility Management – Manage and book all of your school facilities in one place to avoid double booking and manual management. Avoid double booking and scheduling mistakes with collegiate recreation software.
  • Online Access – Make signing up easy for students with online registration for leagues, programs, classes, and more.
  • League Management – Create leagues and teams, build intramural league schedules, and manage scores and communications in one place.
  • Membership Management – Create membership cards and manage information, history, customer notes and more.

Build a Healthier Campus Community

Increase engagement by easily communicating with students when they aren’t at your facilities.

  • Social & Mobile Engagement – Engage with your students where they live – through social media and mobile phones.
  • Targeted Messages – When you offer opportunities that students like, they are more likely to participate. Use your data to created targeted email and text message campaigns.
  • Text Messaging – Engage with students through the channel of their choice. Instantly text all players about a schedule, location or facility change. For example a flag football game cancellation.

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