Best Software Solution for Non-Profit Organizations

Serving thousands of community organizations, we are confident that our ACTIVE Net solution for non-profit management, registration and website software is the best out there.

Our Customers

YMCAs, YWCAs, JCCs, and Boys and Girls Clubs of all sizes have benefited from using ACTIVE Net to streamline operations, attract and retain members, and enhance fundraising efforts. Learn how your non-profit can benefit from our software.

Engage with your Community and Increase Participation

ACTIVE Net software for non-profits centralizes membership, donations, child care, program registration, point of sale, and more in a single, easy-to-use system. With our software, nonprofit organizations are able to spend less time on administrative tasks, serve members quickly and efficiently, and focus more on attracting and retaining members.

To help you enhance fundraising efforts, ACTIVE Net provides a 360° view of members and donors. This solution creates the ultimate fundraising database, one that accesses key information about memberships, programs, facilities and donors to produce a targeted list for your fundraising team to draw on.

Whether you serve a small or large community, ACTIVE Net offers a choice of web-based, desktop, hybrid, hosted and non-hosted deployment options to meet the needs of non-profit organizations. With over 30 years of industry experience, ACTIVE Network’s operations management solution is the most complete non-profit solution available.

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Non-Profit Software Features

  • Membership Management – Manage passes, member tracking, access control, photo IDs, member marketing, and reporting within one system
  • Child Care Management – Streamline processes with flexible enrollments, child specific notifications, and real-time attendance tracking
  • Fundraising Management – Accept online donations and allow members and donors to set up recurring donations
  • Advanced Reporting – Access numerous reports related to memberships, registrations, reservations
  • Point of Sale – Speed up payment process with touch screen capability and integrated credit card swipe reader
  • Facility Reservation – Provide online facility bookings, speed up bookings with Quick Reserve and search and calendar tools
  • Online Activity Registration – Offer the convenience of online search, registration, secure payment and the ability to be on desktop or mobile devices
  • Mobile Access to Programs – Allow your participants to view, register and pay for classes and programs on their mobile devices.

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